Joseph J. Valencic

Professor of Marine Science & Technology

22827 Islamare Lane

Lake Forest, Ca.USA  92630

Phone (949) 587-1079 home/office 



                            Palm Island, Dubai , UAE                                                                                                                                                                 Mechanical Great White for 2-part

                  During Live TV Broadcast, June, 2003                                                                                                                                                      National Geographic TV June, 2004


Current Position

Research Affiliation - Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla, Ca, and National Science Foundation

Teaching Affiliation - Professor Emeritus of Marine Sciences, SBCC Mission Viejo, Ca.

Consulting Scientist, Research and Development – Exomos Submersibles, Dubai, UAE                                                                 

Senior Oceanographer/Marine Scientist – Global Marine Monitoring Technology, Ca.

President – Quest-Tek Electronics, Advanced miniature video and computer technologies


Areas of Expertise

Oceanography - Global experience as professor and field researcher for over 25 years. Developed and taught first Internet Oceanography course fully approved throughout the University of California College System. (Offered for 6 years), Pioneered live underwater broadcasts into California school classrooms.

Marine Biology/Ecology - Extensive knowledge -Authored book on Whales & Dolphins

Consultant to SeaWorld on miniature wireless video systems including new ShamuCam.

Underwater Archeology - Involved in major underwater explorations and Discovery Channel productions, participated in underwater treasure expeditions.

Marine Research – Chief Scientist for California State Crystal Cove Underwater Park, Consultant to State of Ca on Artificial Reef Monitoring,

Involved with National Geographic's Sustainable Seas Expedition, Technical Advisor for the Endangered Species Recovery Council, San Diego, Ca.

Marine History - Lecturer on wide range of topics including - Early Seafarers, History of Navigation, Development of Nautical Charts, History of Marine Discovery, etc.

Submersibles - Utilized, piloted and lectured on submersibles and remotely operated vehicles, ROV's, for undersea research and documentation including 6-Gill Submersible Shark Expedition

Advanced technologies - Featured on cover of Time magazine supplement on Digital

Photography as an innovative pioneer. On team to produce first live full motion color video broadcast from the top of the south summit of Mt. Everest. Developed live interactive video broadcast technology first employed on Cunard Cruises in 1992. Worked with Dr. Bob Ballard on the Jason Project.



        Lecturer on World Discoverer for the                  Deep Worker Sub - National Geographic             Submarine Safari Expedition        Research Scientist for 3 seasons with National Science

       Lost Atolls of the South Pacific, 1997                 Sustainable Seas Expedition, May 1999                Zegrahm Expeditions, 2001       Foundation documenting underwater life in Antarctica


Internet Application of Adventure Travel Cruises

Pioneered use of daily web journals from remote field locations to document cruises, see:


Developed field CR-ROM production capability providing passengers with digital cruise log.


Enrichment Lecturer Positions

I have lead expeditions or acted as onboard enrichment lecturer in many locations. I have substituted several times as an enrichment lecturer for Dr. Sylvia Earle, Explorer in Residence for the National Geographic Society. Worked with Lecturers Drs. Don Walsh and Fred MacLarren.

Mediterranean  Summer 1999 - Invited Enrichment Lecturer on Crystal Harmony 

Hornby Island, Canada Summer 2000 - Expedition Leader/host for Pacific Northwest Submarine Safari with National Geographic Society, Explorers Club, Zegrahm Expeditions and the Denver Museum of Natural History

Alaska and Arctic - Seabourn Cruise Line Enrichment Lecturer, Scientific Expeditions through the University of Alaska into the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands.

Australia - Holland American lecturer on the Masdam, Top of Australia Cruise lecturer for Zegrahm Expeditions, National Science Foundation research in New Zealand.

South America and Falkland Islands - Lecturer on Crystal Harmony and Cunard Lines plus research with the National Science Foundation.

Antarctica - Society Expeditions and Cunard Lines Lecturer (first ever as part of a World Cruise) plus 3 scientific expeditions with the National Science Foundation.

Africa and Indian Ocean - 1997 and 1998 Lecturer with Zegrahm Expedition and the Explorer Club Travelers to Africa, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles Islands, etc.

South Pacific - Naturalist/lecturer Society Expeditions (4 trips),  Explorer Club Travelers (2 trips), PBS Television Series Host (8 trips for ReefQuest and OceanQuest series)

Galapagos Island & South America - Naturalist/Lecturer for Charles Darwin Research Fdn.

Caribbean including Dutch Netherland Antilles - Cunard, PBS programs

Palau, Guam, Yap- Field producer for the Discovery Channel and PBS programs.

Japan and Russia – Onboard Lecturer/Oceanographer/Marine Scientist 2003


Television Series/Specials

Co-host of 10 part ReefQuest series and 8 part OceanQuest PBS television series produced by

KHET Hawaii. (This educational series goes live to about 1 million students in America).

KidScience PBS series, "The UnderSea Classroom" May, 2001 and “Samoa” Sept. 2002.                   Playing Penguin for an Antarctic Documentary

Starwaves TV series from Singapore, Live TV broadcast throughout Asia plus Internet.

Nightline TV special on Controversial Underwater "Kill" by Ex-president George Bush.

Live, Interactive Underwater Press Conference from Palm Island, Dubai, May, 2003

Underwater Consultant to “Close Quarters” Ocean Television series.



                                               Pictures from various underwater documentaries and research monitoring programs


Professional Affiliations

Member Explorer Club, New York

Member Adventurers Club, Los Angeles, Ca.

Institute of Navigation / Marine Technology Society

American Academy of Underwater Scientists

Trained Aquanaut, WRUL Man-In-The-Sea Program.

National Association of Underwater Instructors, NAUI

Professional Association of Dive Instructors, PADI (Course Evaluator)

Endangered Islands Expedition, Board of Directors, Oceanographer                                                                 

Consulting Scientist R&D, Exomos Submersibles, Dubai, UAE                                      Artificial Coral Experiments