Why You Should Learn About the World of Marine Biology in 2018

The National Geographic Society has released its 2017 marine biology curriculum for 2018, which includes the first introduction to marine biology for undergraduates and graduates, and a chapter on marine mammals.The course focuses on oceanography and zoology.The marine mammals are marine reptiles, and there are a lot of similarities between them and humans, including their

‘This is the most amazing thing’: The story of a marine biologist’s ‘heart-warming’ rescue

The heart-wrenching story of how a marine biology student’s rescue of a shark caught in her tank was captured on video has been captured on the video for the first time.Read moreIn the video posted to Facebook by the school’s conservation officer, Mark Smith, the student is seen struggling to save a shark while her

What are the best high-speed oceanographic buoys to use for research?

Vice News article Vice, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of the Vice-branded Ocean Explorer® product line, a line of high-performance underwater buoys with high-resolution imaging capabilities for marine science research.Our flagship products are the Marine Explorer® series, and the Aqua Explorer® Series.The Aqua Explorer Series is a fully customizable, fully customizable underwater buoy

Why the ocean is changing in ways we don’t expect

Marine biologists are taking a different approach to understanding what’s happening on the seafloor.That’s according to a new article that outlines the first scientific data ever gathered on oceanic life.Marine science magazine has an article on the new findings, and it includes a video interview with one of the researchers, Kevin Murphy.The new study, published

Auburn marine science magazine: ‘I’ve been told my daughter’s going to be a great scientist’

Auburn, Alabama, police say a teenage girl is going to become a marine scientist after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.The 17-year-old is a member of a local community that volunteers at the Auburn Marine Science Academy.A local news station says she has volunteered at the school since her freshman year.“She’s the most dedicated and

Marine science students get ‘brave’ response when they ask about their favourite places to live

Posted September 21, 2019 05:20:17A video posted to Instagram by marine science students at the University of Tas shows one of them posing for a photo with a giant fish.The students pose for a picture with a fish during their visit to a reef.The school was recently named the most popular graduate marine science building

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