Conceptual Design of Marine Laboratory associated with Palm Island(s) and The World projects



Brainstorming with my friend and world-class designer Norm Sherman, we have conceptually developed the ultimate in marine floating laboratories. This sophisticated vessel would serve as the operations and information center for the Palms and The World projects. This unique mobile marine laboratory could be moved between the various Palm Islands and World projects to support research.  In addition, it would act as a dramatic showcase for Nakheel’s commitment to the marine environment and continues monitoring to insure the highest ecological standards for their iconic offshore developments.



In this conceptual design, technical offices and dry laboratories would be located on the upper level with the bottom level containing wet laboratories, water quality monitoring stations and a visitor interpretive center.  The outer hull design is unique in that it serves as a dock for smaller research boats as well as temporary docking for visitors and VIP’s.





This proposed marine laboratory would not have its own propulsion system but rely on tugs for relocation to the various Palm island(s) and The World developments. Onboard diesel generators will provide power for air conditioning and operation of the onboard laboratory equipment including high capacity aquarium pumps and filtration systems. Located on the upper level will be a microwave audio and video transmission system so that live, interactive broadcasts can be made from the vessel or adjacent underwater areas to remote locations.  These remote broadcast locations would include school classrooms, the Nakheel sales center, engineering offices and even to hotels and tourist facilities. 


In addition to being a platform to conduct meaningful marine research, this mobile laboratory could support the testing of marine equipment including state-of-the-art diving technologies. It would be the perfect compliment to support underwater archeological projects in the Arabian Gulf. This modern day Calypso, the at-sea arm of famed ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, would no doubt be featured as but another visionary endeavor from Dubai, center of the planet’s most innovative projects.