How to Be a Marine Scientist: The Science, Culture, and Art of Science

The science of marine biology is not an easy topic to master, but it can be an incredibly valuable tool in the quest for knowledge.Learn about the basic principles of marine science in this week’s episode.1:15: How Do You Know If Your Marine Science Experienced a Natural Disaster?1:35: What’s the Difference Between Marine and Ocean

Why the ocean is changing in ways we don’t expect

Marine biologists are taking a different approach to understanding what’s happening on the seafloor.That’s according to a new article that outlines the first scientific data ever gathered on oceanic life.Marine science magazine has an article on the new findings, and it includes a video interview with one of the researchers, Kevin Murphy.The new study, published

Auburn marine science magazine: ‘I’ve been told my daughter’s going to be a great scientist’

Auburn, Alabama, police say a teenage girl is going to become a marine scientist after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.The 17-year-old is a member of a local community that volunteers at the Auburn Marine Science Academy.A local news station says she has volunteered at the school since her freshman year.“She’s the most dedicated and

What we learned from the Sea Shepherd Challenge

What we learnt from the first Sea Shepherd-Canada trial is that the science community needs to be more open and inclusive.In the past, our members have had to fight for the rights of other scientists, activists, and those who seek to protect our oceans and our waters.Today, we can expect the same for the oceanic

How to build a marine biology textbook: ‘It’s a must read for any marine science undergraduate’

By Sarah McLeanRead moreA book about the biology of marine life, and how to build one, is being released in the UK this week.The book is the brainchild of marine biologist, oceanographer and environmentalist Simon Waddell, and was written to teach students how to design a textbook about marine biology.“I wrote it to be a

British researchers reveal a new ‘sustainable marine life’ model

The researchers have developed a new model of ocean health that they say can be used to predict how the marine environment will respond to changes in the ocean climate.The model, which they describe as a ‘sustainability model’, can predict how marine ecosystems will respond in the event of climate change.It was developed by scientists

Marine Science Camps in Florida are offering new scholarships

MESA, Fla.— The Marine Science Scholarships Program (MSSP) at Aquarius Marine Science Center offers a new scholarship program, offering new Marine Science students the opportunity to learn how to participate in the study of oceanic life.Students can apply for a scholarship at the center, located at the corner of Gulf Blvd.and West Beach Dr., from

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