BioRock Technology - The process of Electrodeposition of Minerals in Sea Water known as Mineral Accretion Technology was developed by Architect and Marine Scientist, Prof. Wolf H. Hilbertz.  This technology, also referred to as BioRock, shows great promise to help the survivability of coral reefs around the world. I first met Wolf at the USC Marine Laboratory on Catalina Island,

California about 25 years ago. I was in training to become an underwater Aquanaut

as part of the WRUL Man-In-The-Sea Program and Wolf was there to conduct the

first temperate water accretion experiments. A chance meeting in Dubai only a few years ago lead to working together to establish some baseline data for the potentialapplication of this unique technology to the Arabian Gulf and specifically Dubai. The following links provide a brief overview of these efforts.



                                                          The above pictures were taken at various Biorock projects located in the Maldives and Indonesia.

Accretion Experiments at Palm Jumeirah





Live Coral Transplants for Accretion Experiments at Palm Jumeirah