How to get a good teaching marine science degree

More than a million students in the United States have a bachelor’s degree in marine science.But only a few are qualified to teach, and that number is shrinking fast.In the past decade, the number of teaching degrees awarded by the United Nations has fallen by about 30%, according to the International Association of Ocean and

How to find a great job in marine science: the checklist

The list of the top jobs in marine biology is long, but the top 10 might surprise you.Here’s a look at some of the more interesting ones:1.Applied marine science engineer2.Applied oceanography engineer3.Applied bioengineering engineer4.Applied biology student5.Applied microbiology student6.Applied physiology student7.Applied physical sciences student8.Applied physics student9.Applied mechanical engineering student10.Applied biomaterials engineering student1.Inorganic chemist2.Microbial microbiologist3.Microbiologist4.Microbiology lab assistant5.Microbiotic

The ReuManga Ocean Exploration Initiative will expand into the Pacific Ocean

Marine scientists are celebrating the first wave of marine exploration into the vast Pacific Ocean, with the reumanga Ocean exploration initiative (OII) set to expand its scope to the Pacific.The reuMangas, a partnership between marine scientists and fishermen, will be the first group of nations to explore and harvest the vast, shallow ocean.The initiative is

What we learned from the Sea Shepherd Challenge

What we learnt from the first Sea Shepherd-Canada trial is that the science community needs to be more open and inclusive.In the past, our members have had to fight for the rights of other scientists, activists, and those who seek to protect our oceans and our waters.Today, we can expect the same for the oceanic

Why Boothbay Marine Science & BoatBay Marine Science are the best places to learn marine biology

Boothas Marine Science and BoatBay are the top two marine science and boating schools in the world.Booth Bay is also one of the best boating destinations in the UK and the world’s biggest marine science hub, with more than 80 marine biology laboratories, a global network of marine research vessels and the largest Marine Conservation

Bechtel Marine Science, which has a deep relationship with the US Navy, is buying out US marine science provider Blue Ocean Technologies

Bechtels Marine Science has bought Blue Ocean Technology, which was acquired by the US military for $1.1 billion.The company said it had purchased the assets to ensure “the strategic long-term health of marine research” and its focus would be “on developing and deploying the latest technology.”Blue Ocean Technologies was founded in 2001 and had been

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