How to use this ‘dumbbell’ to measure the depth of ocean water

Marine biologist Deepak Chopra has devised a new way of measuring the depth and pressure of the water around a marine lab, which he hopes will help to provide a better understanding of how the oceans work.

He has called the new device a dumbbell and has patented it.

The device has been designed to measure water pressure in the ocean, and will work with any instrument that measures water pressure.

The instrument is called a micro-device that will work on any surface.

The team has developed a method for measuring the pressure at any depth, and is also developing an improved version that can measure the pressure in deep water.

In an interview with The Times, Chopra said the new technology is very similar to a balloon that will float on the surface of a water tank, which is a common way of detecting water pressure levels.

“The water will be at the bottom of the tank, and when you put a balloon up there, the balloon will float up,” he said.

The researchers say that the pressure will rise at the surface as the balloon floats, and then fall when it comes down.

The balloon, as the name suggests, will float, and at the end of the day, the pressure of that water will come back to the surface.

If you put the balloon up and then take it down, the balloons will float.

“We’ve done all this work, but when you take the balloon out and take it off, the water pressure will go down,” he told The Times.

The underwater pressure in a lake is measured using a buoyancy meter.

The buoyancy sensor is attached to the bottom side of the buoyant balloon and floats on the water.

The scientists have shown that they can measure pressure in depth by using this method.

The pressure of water in a sea is measured by the buoyancy of the balloon.

When the balloon is lowered, the buoyance of the bottom is decreased, which means that the buoyants can be measured in depth.

This is called the underwater pressure.

It is measured as the difference between the surface pressure and the depth.

So, when you see the underwater pressures, it is the difference in the pressure between the pressure the balloon had when it was in the water, and the pressure it has now.

“There are different types of buoyant balloons that can be used.

One type has the surface buoyancy attached, so the buoyation will increase, but the balloon’s pressure will drop,” Chopra told The Daily Mail.

Another type of buoyancy balloon has the balloon attached to a propeller, which helps it move forward, but is not very accurate.

He said this type of balloon is used in scientific laboratories.

“This type of floatation is very sensitive, but if you try to float in it, the surface will be under the water surface, and if you put your hand in the air, you will get a very loud sound,” Chopras said.

In this case, the scientists have added an air pressure sensor to the balloon to make sure that the balloon stays underwater.

“When you put it up, it will float like a balloon.

But when you lift it up and take off, it may drop,” he explained.

The research was published in the journal Nature Oceanography.

It was also featured in a documentary about the discovery of the ancient Greek island of Lemnos, which Chopra described as “the most important discovery of my life”.

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