Which marine scientists have the best science?

The Marine Science Conference, a global science gathering that draws tens of thousands of marine scientists from all over the world, was held in San Diego, California.

It was held to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of the American Academy of Science, and was co-hosted by the Smithsonian Institution and the National Science Foundation.

The conference, which attracted scientists from around the world as well as from around California, has been held in the city for more than 70 years, and is often referred to as the “Mother of all Science Fairs.”

Here are some of the best scientific papers submitted to the conference: “Sea water temperature variability and sea ice coverage.”

“Sea surface temperatures and climate variability.”

“The ocean’s carbon sink and feedback processes.”

“A new climate history.”

“Carbon cycling and ocean acidification.”

“Coastal adaptation strategies to mitigate climate change.”

“Modelling the evolution of coastal marine species and climate.”

“Coral bleaching and sea level rise.”

“Marine ecosystem dynamics.”

“Ecosystem response to climate change and sea-level rise.”

The conference also sponsored “Marines for Life,” an annual event, and hosted the annual “Ocean and Climate Science Conference,” which attracted about 30 marine scientists, many of whom were marine biologists themselves.

It is also hosting an annual “World Marine Day” event in the summer, and in 2015 held a conference titled “What’s Next in Ocean and Climate Sciences?” and invited marine biologists to present their work.

Here are the top ten papers submitted at the conference, from the first 10 years of the conference (2007-2012): 1.

“Effects of sea ice loss on ocean temperature and sea surface temperature variability.”


“A sea-ice–rich ice shelf melts off in the Southern Ocean and its contribution to the global warming response.”


“Global sea level variability and its relation to sea-surface temperatures.”


“The impacts of CO 2 on the marine ecosystem.”


“Carrier-weighted estimates of climate forcings and feedbacks.”


“Tropical cyclones and ocean circulation.”


“Sea-level variability and ocean surface temperature.”


“Modeling of sea-water temperature variability, including the effects of sea level change.”


“Ocean acidification and ocean carbon sequestration.”


“Eco-hydrogeochemical cycles and their relation to ocean acidifying CO 2 .”

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