The sea is warming, Australia’s marine scientists warn

Posted October 02, 2018 11:05:49 A series of scientific papers published on Tuesday and Thursday suggests the ocean’s oceans are warming faster than previously thought, and the world’s largest marine research station in the South China Sea has not been able to cope.

The papers, which include some of the best data from the past decade, show the ocean is warmer than previously expected and the sea surface area of the world is being hit by a surge in temperatures and acidification, both of which are predicted to intensify as sea levels rise.

The paper, which is the latest in a series of climate studies published by the Institute of Marine Science, which represents more than 700 Australian universities and research institutes, found that the average global temperature for the past five decades has risen 1.5 degrees Celsius, compared to 0.7 degrees over the 20th century.

The sea surface temperature in the Gulf of Aden is the hottest on record at around 1,400 degrees.

That compares with 1,260 degrees in 2000, according to the paper.

“The global temperature of the atmosphere has increased by almost 0.6 degrees Celsius since the mid-1970s, driven by a number of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide,” the report says.

“Over the same period, the ocean surface temperature has increased 0.9 degrees Celsius.”

The research is based on observations from two vessels and three satellites and the first set of data from several vessels from the European Space Agency, which also includes two satellites and two satellite-based stations in the Indian Ocean.

The latest results from the two ships show that the sea has warmed by more than 1.8 degrees Celsius between 2003 and 2017, but the latest analysis from the satellites has shown that sea surface temperatures have increased by 1.6°C since 2016.

It is not clear whether the warming is happening because of human-caused climate change or the effects of a changing ocean, but both are being blamed.

The study found that global warming is having a dramatic impact on the ocean.

It said that ocean acidification is increasing the acidity of the ocean and that there is a potential for greater ocean acidity as the ocean becomes more acidic.

The report also found that a number the world was seeing the first warming of the oceans for 50 to 100 years.

This has increased ocean acidities by up to 20 times in the last 50 years, and this is likely to continue, it said.

It has also said that some areas of the sea are currently warming faster, with the oceans surface area being hit particularly hard.

The researchers also found evidence of increasing levels of ocean acidifying substances, including methane and nitrous oxide, which have been shown to be more potent greenhouse gases.

The new findings show that sea-surface temperatures are warming at a rate that is faster than expected and that the world can expect a “very serious” impact on sea-level rise.

“It is likely that by the end of the century, the oceans will be reaching levels that are about half of the amount that they were in the 1970s,” the study said.

“These levels of warming are unprecedented in the geological record.”

The sea temperature and ocean acidifiers are known to be linked, and recent research has suggested that increasing concentrations of methane and other greenhouse gases are to blame.

The scientists also found higher levels of nitrous oxides, which are known as carbon monoxide, than they had previously thought.

The rise of these greenhouse gases has been attributed to climate change, which means more CO2 in the atmosphere and more heat-trapping gases, such as methane, the report said.

The increased acidification of the waters is likely also contributing to more extreme weather events.

A number of studies have shown that extreme weather is occurring at higher rates due to increased CO2 levels, and a study published in January found that more than a third of the global warming since 1950 has been caused by the ocean, and that more CO 2 is affecting the climate than had previously been thought.

“Climate change is changing the oceans,” the research report said, “and this may result in more frequent and more severe weather events.”

The report noted that the increase in sea surface areas has also increased as well.

“A warmer ocean means a greater concentration of heat in the ocean,” it said, and more water is being absorbed by the air, which leads to a greater heat loss from the surface to the ocean at a lower temperature.

A warmer ocean also means that more water will be lost in the upper atmosphere, the sea water being trapped under layers of air, where it is not transferred to the surface.

This water will then heat up the surface and increase the ocean acidifier levels, which in turn leads to the warming of oceans surface.

“In addition, warming oceans is changing how we capture and store heat,” the researchers said.

As well as the warming ocean, the study found an increased release of methane from

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