Marine scientists will discuss the dangers of the ocean, the dangers to humans and the need for urgent action

Scientists have long said the ocean is our best defense against disease, but the latest data from NOAA shows that we are actually facing a higher risk of getting sick from pollution than ever before.

NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) released the data on Wednesday, noting that pollution has increased by an average of 8 percent per year over the past decade, with the highest increase occurring during the year that includes the current COVID-19 pandemic.

NOAA says pollution increases the risk of infectious diseases, and the worst impacts of pollution are already underway.

But NOAA’s data also show that pollution is a major driver of sea-level rise, the effects of which are already evident in coastal communities.

That means the ocean can’t absorb much of the damage from rising seas unless the pollution is significantly higher.

NOAA is using the data to urge the federal government to take aggressive action to protect coastal communities from the rising seas.

“The increase in pollution is the greatest threat to coastal communities because of the number of people, ships and ships of all sizes that are entering and leaving the oceans each year,” said Michael Stravato, a senior scientist with NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center.

“It is estimated that the increase in ocean pollution will cause an additional 1.8 million deaths by 2100.”

The data show that the average annual increase in the number and volume of ships entering the water in a given year is about 30 percent.

“By 2100, we estimate that the total number of ships passing through the ocean will increase by an additional 60 million vessels, or about one-third of the global population,” NOAA’s Stravatos said.

“That will increase the number per year by almost 3 million.”

Stravatz noted that the amount of ships that enter the water each year varies, and some ships are entering at a faster rate than others.

NOAA also released the NOAA Ocean Data and Modeling System (ODAMS), which allows scientists to analyze data about the global ocean and ocean systems.

NOAA scientists have already used the data from ODDAMS to predict the size of the Antarctic ice sheet.

The data shows that the Antarctic will lose an average amount of ice a year by 2100, and will probably lose about as much ice by 2100 as the ice sheet of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

The ODDAM shows that there are a variety of factors that can change the size and density of Antarctic ice in the coming years.

The most significant changes will occur in the Arctic Ocean, with ice melting faster and faster.

NOAA estimates that the Arctic ice will melt by 2027.

And there are several other factors that will affect the size, shape and shape of the ice in Antarctica.

NOAA said that the number, shape, and density also change over time.

The oceans absorb some of the heat from the Sun and the heat that is released from the oceans.

This is why there is a decrease in the amount and volume the ocean takes up.

That increase in water also means that the heat released from Antarctica is dissipated and the oceans become warmer.

This also means more heat will be absorbed into the atmosphere from the surface.

That heat will warm the oceans, and this will cause the oceans to warm.

NOAA researchers also say that the warming of the oceans and their warming of ice sheets will have a significant impact on the amount, shape of sea level rise, and what it will look like.

The average rate of sea rise in the past century is about 1.7 feet a year, NOAA said.

This year, the average rate was about 4 feet a day.

“Sea level is rising more quickly than in the last 30 years, which means we are now facing a much greater risk of the water level going up,” Stravatellos said.

In fact, NOAA has found that the global oceans have been getting warmer in recent years, but that this rate of warming has slowed down slightly.

The pace of ocean warming has increased from an average annual rate of about 2.5 feet a decade in the late 1800s to 3.3 feet a century later.

In the last decade, it has slowed to 1.9 feet a second.

NOAA noted that in the first half of the 20th century, ocean warming was much faster.

This has accelerated over the last few decades, with average annual global sea level rising by an amount about 3 inches.

The NOAA data shows an increase of about 1 inch a year over recent years.

“In fact, global average sea level has risen more than twice as fast as it did in the previous 100 years,” Strosatos said, adding that the rate of rise has been slower than the rate during the past half century.

“This is the first time in the history of climate science that we have measured that we’ve been measuring faster than the pace of sea surface warming,” Strotzos said, noting a similar finding in the oceans of the Arctic.

NOAA has already warned that global sea levels could rise

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