‘There are many more of us’: Researchers on the edge of climate change

By Peter HesslerA large, swamped and deserted stretch of coastline off the coast of Cape Town is home to the largest collection of marine species ever collected by scientists.

But as the number of species collected in this way continues to grow, a major challenge looms.

The project has been called ‘a first step towards a world without humans’, but the work of the scientists behind it is also emblematic of how humans are already displacing nature for our own ends.

The area around the island of KwaZulu-Natal, which is home, as of 2017, to nearly a third of South Africa’s total marine species, was one of the first areas of the continent to see major human development.

The work was first reported in 2016 by a team of scientists from the South African Academy of Science (SAS) and the National Geographic Society, and the findings were presented at the South Africa Science Festival in 2018.

The first research project in this area was undertaken by the team led by Dr Jochen Reuter, who worked as a researcher with the Australian National University in Canberra.

“It was quite surprising,” Dr Reuter told BBC News.

“We knew there was a very good concentration of marine animals there but we never thought it would be so much, and it was quite remarkable that the number was so much bigger than we had realised.”

Dr Reuter and his team collected over 1,000 specimens, which they labelled by genus, species and species group.

These were then sent to the Zoological Society of London for analysis.

“What was interesting is that there was an almost overwhelming diversity in these species,” Dr Seung said.

“There are more species of cichlid than any other animal we have looked at in the field.”

The team’s findings were shared with the SLSL and, as a result, the project received funding from the SAA and the Australian Science and Technology Facilities Council.

However, not everyone was so enthusiastic about the project.

“I think this is a first step,” Dr Shafileh said.

“There is a great potential for the SSA and the University of Adelaide to do this work in the future.”

“The potential for our research to be used for research on other marine ecosystems is a really exciting prospect,” she added.

“We are not looking at marine species in a scientific way.

We are looking at them as potential habitats for species that may be on the verge of extinction.”

This is the first project that has been undertaken in this type of landscape in a long time and we need to do more.

“In an interview with the ABC, Dr Seong said that while they were keen to work with the wider community, it was important to keep the work within a scientific framework.”

In terms of the research that we are doing, we are not interested in using this as a research vehicle to make predictions or to try to identify which species might be vulnerable to extinction,” he said.

Dr Seung explained that the scientists were focusing on the marine animals in the hope of helping to save the remaining habitats.”

If we can reduce their population, then that will benefit the animals, so we can then reduce the risk to future generations,” he explained.”

And if we can protect the habitats, then we can increase the diversity of these habitats.

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