Is the new technology for finding whale sharks really as good as it seems?

By now, most of you have heard about the first whale shark sighting in the waters off the southern coast of Australia.

You might be thinking, “wow, that’s cool, but what’s next?”

The answer is, the new whale shark technology is actually pretty cool.

So cool, in fact, that it’s making it onto some of the best-selling books on Amazon.

And now, with more than a year to go before the next whale shark is found, we wanted to get you on the hunt for your next whale hunt.

But before we start, we need to talk about what it is you can expect from this new technology.

And then, as a result, what you need to know about the new technologies we’ll be using in this article.

What are we looking for?

First, there’s nothing new about the technology we’re looking for.

You can find out more about how to identify a whale shark by reading our article on how to spot a whale sharks, and by checking out this handy chart.

What is the new tech?

A whale shark has been sighted near Sydney’s Darling Harbour and Port Phillip Bay in recent weeks.

A whale is a marine mammal that lives in the deep ocean off Australia’s north-west coast.

The oldest known whale shark was about 50 million years old.

The youngest whale shark, a specimen from the 1950s, was only 30 years old, according to research published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. How does it look?

Here’s a picture of the new and improved whale shark: There are two different types of whales: a dorsal whale, which is a larger, less-fattened version of a whale, and a dorsal fin whale, or a tail whale, that is less-rounded and smaller than the dorsal fin.

The whale shark’s dorsal fin is much longer than its dorsal belly.

The dorsal fin can extend over an entire length of the whale shark.

When a whale is caught, the dorsal fins are pulled up into the water, while the dorsal belly of the animal is pushed back and out.

This causes the whale to turn its head up and look up, looking for prey.

The shark then takes this prey and swims away from its prey.

It can’t see in the water so it uses a type of sonar called a transducer.

This means the shark uses its powerful jaws to make an accurate sound to locate the prey.

But the shark can’t just look at the prey; it has to listen to it.

A new whale sharks sonar works by detecting the vibrations of the prey as it moves across the water.

A transduce works by a sound that is made by a living animal.

A predator uses this sound to attract a prey.

When the predator is close enough to the prey, it can make the transducing sound to make a call.

What’s the technology for tracking whales?

If you’re familiar with the technology used to detect shark attacks, you might expect that tracking a whale in the ocean is relatively simple.

A shark has to be tracked by using sonar and sonar is a type: a radio wave is sent out from a receiver to the whale and a sonar beam is emitted from the whale’s mouth to the receiver.

Sonar is used to see what’s in the air at the time of the attack, and if a shark is in the area at the moment of the kill, then that sonar can be used to pinpoint the location of the shark.

However, in some cases, sonar technology is not sufficient to find a whale.

So, when a shark attacks a whale and is caught by sonar, it’s known as a shark attack.

However if the attack is more than one second after the whale first touches the ocean, it may be a whale attack.

To find out if a whale has been attacked, the sonar data from a trawl boat is used.

The sonar in this boat is set up so that it can detect when a whale makes contact with the boat.

So if a sonal signal is detected at the spot where the shark is about to attack the whale, then the whale is probably safe.

However when a sonor’s signal is not detected, or is too weak, then a shark could still be in the vicinity.

So when you hear about a whale that has been tagged with a sonobuoy, that means it’s likely to have been attacked by a shark, and it’s a whale to watch.

What else can we expect?

What if we have to find the whale sharks next?

Well, if the technology is working correctly, the first thing you need is to find something big enough to eat.

This is a very common misconception that many people have.

The reason whales are able to hunt for themselves is because of the whales enormous size.

This makes them a lot more powerful than a shark and, if they’re being attacked, it means

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