Which marine species are on the verge of extinction?

article Posted August 06, 2018 06:16:52 The last time the global sea was this barren was during the Holocene, and it’s likely we’re heading toward a similar situation again, according to marine biologist Michael Schlosser of the University of Washington.

“We’re looking at a very different world,” Schlossers co-author of the study told Ars.

“The seas are becoming less saline, more acidic and the oceans are becoming more acidic.”

“It is possible that the global ocean acidification is going to get worse, that we are going to have some species that will go extinct.”

Schlossers and colleagues surveyed marine species from around the world and found that almost 90 percent of them had already gone extinct since the 1970s, according the study, published in the journal Science Advances.

That’s a lot of species, and not just because it includes some species on the brink of extinction.

The researchers found that more than 90 percent also live in areas that were previously considered uninhabitable.

While the researchers are still unsure why they saw such drastic change in sea life, they suspect it could be due to a combination of the changing ocean and the increased levels of greenhouse gases that have been spewing out of the planet.

While most species are now considered to be relatively stable in the face of climate change, there are some species like sharks, whales, dolphins and rays that have adapted in the past to cope with increased stress.

Those species are particularly vulnerable because they have more time to adapt and can’t depend on an environment that is more stressful than they are.

“The ocean is probably a bit more forgiving, a bit easier to tolerate, a lot more tolerant of high temperatures,” said Schlosses co-lead author of the research.

“But there are still lots of animals that are not resilient to it.”

The researchers also found that a significant number of marine species were also in poor condition, with more than 95 percent of species being in poor or moderate condition.

“If you go back to pre-industrial times, we probably had a higher concentration of species than we do now,” said co-leader of the project Michael Stansberry.

“That’s just because we were able to extract that information earlier.”

Stansberry said he hopes the new study will help scientists understand how marine life has adapted in a changing environment, and what may come next for some of these species.

“I think that’s a really important question to ask: What are the risks that are coming to marine life and how are they adapting?” he said.

“What are they doing differently than other species that have had that exposure?

I think that can help us to understand what are the changes that are going on in the world.”

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