Trieste marine scientists develop new equipment to treat coral disease

A new type of coral biopsy developed by marine scientists at the University of Trieste has shown that the disease-causing bacteria used to isolate coral samples can also be recovered from the coral.

The biopsy was performed in collaboration with scientists from the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, and the researchers have been studying the effectiveness of the new tool for the past four years, said Professor Fabrizio Mancini, the lead author of the study published today in the International Journal of Microbiology.

The new method is based on an enzymatic assay that uses the enzyme “cytochrome c” to separate out the genetic material of corals.

This enzyme, which is normally found in the blood of coral, has also been found to play a role in the growth of a number of common bacteria.

“When we used a biopsy kit from a coral reef, we found that it was highly effective for isolating the bacteria,” said Professor Mancina.

“Our test has shown it can be used in an even more efficient way than previous methods.”

Coral samples were prepared by placing a sample of coral in a microscope, then applying pressure on the specimen to create an impression of the corals genome.

The researchers then exposed the coralline algae, which are present in the coral’s water, to the enzymes, and allowed the bacteria to grow for a period of time.

The enzymes were then isolated using a technique called the “tetracycline extraction”, where the bacteria were placed into a syringe, and were allowed to grow.

“The enzyme can be isolated from samples of corallines, and also from the corally collected algae,” Professor Maccini said.

“We have shown that this method is particularly effective for the production of bacterial isolates from corals.”

Professor Mancino said the new method will allow researchers to study coral growth in detail.

“Now we have an easy way to study the development of coral infection, we can compare this to the clinical diagnosis of coral disease,” he said.

Dr Alastair Boulton, who led the research, said the findings will help scientists to understand how the bacteria in corals react to environmental conditions.

“For the first time, we have a better understanding of how these bacteria can be introduced into coral, how they react to the environment, and how they can become resistant to the antibiotics that are used,” Dr Boulons research co-ordinator, said.

The research was funded by the Biomedical Research Council and the European Commission.

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