How to save a life at sea

A postdoc at the University of California, Davis, has developed a technique that could save the life of a drowning man.

In this story, Ben Gormley tells his story of how he came to discover that a friend was in the water and the dangers of drowning.

A young man who is drowning is struggling to breath.

The man was about 30 years old, in good shape and in good spirits.

He was wearing a life vest and was breathing hard and quickly.

After a few minutes, he was pulled out of the water by a colleague who noticed he was not breathing.

He struggled to breathe for several minutes, but could not regain control of his breathing.

Then, with the help of an instructor, he learned to perform a simple rescue technique.

The instructor explained to the man that if he were to lose consciousness in the presence of someone, the first thing he would do would be to get out of there.

He then would perform CPR on the man until paramedics arrived.

I had been in the waters for five years and never once heard of someone drowning.

But my colleague, the instructor, said to me, “You know, there’s a guy who is on the rocks who was on the shore, and he is trying to get away from that guy.”

And I said, “Yes, he is.”

So I started CPR on him and he came out of it.

I just told him, “Don’t worry, I will be there.”

He said, I’m going to get me a life jacket and I will bring you back to shore.

“My life jacket was like a life belt and I was strapped in and was ready to go.

And I walked out of that life vest in the sea, and I said to him, You know, I want to thank you for saving my life.

He said to his life vest, I got you.

It took me about 15 minutes to get my life jacket on.

The life vest took about 15 seconds.

Then I strapped my life vest on and started CPR, which took about three minutes.

I was doing it all by myself and I could hear him trying to breathe, so I could see what was going on.

And he was breathing, and his head was down.

I couldn’t see his mouth because he was choking.

And so, in that moment, I knew he was drowning, and when he stopped breathing, I immediately grabbed his hand and tried to get him out of my life suit.

And after about three to five minutes, I just grabbed him, got him into my life backpack, and went to the boat and we all went to safety.

This story originally appeared on The Atlantic.

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