Why are marine scientists so afraid of the ice?

Researchers have long argued that the lack of ice in the Arctic is not a threat to marine life but rather a consequence of climate change.

They have even predicted that global sea levels will rise by up to one metre (5.7 feet) by the end of the century, due to global warming.

But this is only the most recent evidence to the contrary.

Some marine scientists have even warned that the Antarctic ice sheet will disappear completely in a few decades.

So what’s the scientific evidence?

First of all, the Antarctic Ice Sheet is quite a complex and varied thing.

Its thinning is due to melting ice and glaciers, and also to the impact of human activity such as shipping, pollution and pollution of the ocean by industrial fishing and agriculture.

In fact, the most important cause of the Antarctic’s melting is melting of the sea ice, the ocean floor below the surface.

The Antarctic is also the home to some of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world, including the world’s largest penguin colony, the Whales and Antarctic’s biggest Antarctic iceberg.

The ice sheet also covers much of the Southern Ocean, which is why the Southern Cross is a famous landmark in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Southern Cross and Antarctic are both in the Antarctic and their ice sheets are very different.

This is a very important distinction, because the Southern Ice Sheet covers most of Antarctica.

As a result, the melting of Antarctic ice in recent years has caused major changes to the polar ice caps and ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere, which are already showing signs of thinning.

And this thinning has also contributed to the decline of the Northern Ocean, a crucial food chain in the ocean.

The latest findings published in the journal Science Advances suggest that the loss of the South Pole sea ice has been the most significant contributor to this decline.

The researchers analysed satellite data to identify the ice shelf area, the extent of the melt, the height of the shelf and the amount of sea ice that has disappeared.

They found that, in 2017, the total area of the remaining Antarctic ice shelf was about 2,000 square kilometres (2,100 square miles).

The extent of Antarctic sea ice in 2017 was about 5,000 sq km (3,300 sq miles).

This is equivalent to a 4-mile (6-kilometre) thickness.

The extent is so high that scientists predict that, if global temperatures continue to rise, the area of Antarctic shelf will shrink to around 300 square kilometres by 2065.

What is more, scientists predict this shrinkage will only accelerate.

The scientists predict the Antarctic sea floor will become progressively thinner as time goes by, and the rate of sea-level rise will accelerate.

As the ocean heats up, sea-levels will increase in the North Pole and sink in the South.

Sea level rise will be so rapid that the Southern Sea Islands will be submerged by 2050, according to the authors.

The team behind this research said the data shows that the shrinking of Antarctic land ice has a direct impact on marine ecosystems.

“This is because it causes the loss and disruption of coastal habitats, marine food chains and marine fisheries, as well as the removal of coastal wetlands, and habitat for other organisms and animals,” said the lead author of the study, Michael Schumacher.

“A shrinking ice shelf reduces the ability of Antarctic marine life to sustain themselves, which in turn affects marine ecosystem processes such as the transport of nutrients to the ocean bottom.”

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