How to explain a sea of green sea life?

In the last decade, scientists have been tracking sea creatures like dolphins and whales in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean.

They’ve been trying to find out what’s happening to them as the planet warms and climate change alters the environment.

And now, some scientists are looking at a sea that has been disappearing for decades: plankton.

The plankton, or dead zones, are a key indicator of marine ecosystems.

They’re not dead zones because they’re just sitting there.

They may be alive, but their presence is just as likely to be a byproduct of something else.

The presence of these dead zones tells us a lot about the way things are changing in the marine world.

Some of the key findings from the work have been that ocean temperatures have been rising, and that those warming waters have become increasingly acidic, which makes it more difficult for plankton to grow.

What has happened to the plankton?

Some of these species have been disappearing at a rate of up to 40% per decade, according to a study published in the journal Science in November 2015.

That’s an astonishing rate, and it’s the result of a number of factors.

Scientists are now tracking plankton in a new way, in a way that’s more efficient and can be used to understand the ocean.

One of the first studies to look at this phenomenon was carried out by Dr. Matthew P. Smith, a professor of marine biology at the University of Florida.

He was working in the late 1970s when he discovered a strange phenomenon: the planktons that were eating plankton blooms.

That was something that happened every year.

The blooms were blooming on dead zones and the dead zones were actually the blooms of other species.

So he thought, Well, they are just going to die out.

But the blooming was a very different phenomenon than the dead zone that was killing them.

What was going on?

So Smith went back and looked at the plankfish blooms and saw that they were blooms from a different species than the ones that had already died.

He wondered why they were different.

So Smith began to work out what was happening to the other species in the area.

He and his colleagues found that a number had gone extinct in the 1980s, and were only starting to recover by the early 2000s.

The most dramatic example is the giant killer whales, which are known to kill and eat up to 100,000 orcas a year.

Scientists knew that the killer whales were an important part of the food web in the Atlantic Ocean, but that was only a part of it.

In other parts of the world, they’ve been extinctions, too.

So this new study was to find why this was happening in the world’s oceans.

They were also looking at how the species that were thriving in the deadzone were also thriving in another part of their ecosystem.

The researchers found that plankton and algae are moving into the deadzon areas of the ocean and creating an imbalance.

They are moving there to feed and to reproduce, which is why there’s so much algae in the water.

It’s also creating a barrier between the ocean ecosystem and the ecosystem of the living things.

When the planktron blooms disappear, the algae that have been eating the deadzones are dying out, too, and are no longer able to feed.

It makes it hard for the organisms to reproduce.

What happens to the deadzoards?

The researchers say that they found that the algae-eating plankton actually produce more carbon dioxide than they would have otherwise.

That means that the deadZone deadzone that is responsible for blooms is also the one that produces the CO 2 that is making up the bloams.

The CO 2 in the bloats is the same that makes up the oceans acidity.

The acidification of the oceans will change the life cycles of plankton species, and this may affect the animals that eat the deadZones, too: the animals are getting bigger and stronger, which means that they’re more likely to go extinct.

And the CO2 that’s in the algae is also a good thing because it can be stored in the deep ocean and used to build up the carbon in the atmosphere.

In the past, this has been happening in shallow seas.

But now the researchers say they’ve found evidence that is happening more widely.

This is happening in areas like the Gulf, and they say that it’s happening in other areas of our oceans, too such as the Pacific, and the Caribbean, as well.

Why do we need dead zones?

Dead zones are there to protect the ocean from overfishing.

There’s a reason for that.

There are thousands of animals that live in the ocean, and these deadzoned areas are important because they are where they live.

But they also serve as breeding grounds for other animals, which then reproduce and produce more offspring, which in turn increases the amount of food that can be taken by

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