The mystery of the sea’s mystery: How do dolphins learn to swim?

When a marine biologist and his team in England stumbled across a dolphin calf at the bottom of a lake, they knew immediately that something was up.

“The calf was completely covered in black ink,” the biologist, Dr. David Smith, told The Independent.

The calf’s eyes and nostrils were still sealed shut and the animal was clearly distressed by its surroundings.

In an article published in the journal Biology Letters, the team describes how the dolphin calf was “unresponsive” to its surroundings and that the animal’s eyes were “stark red” when it emerged from the water.

Smith and his colleagues believe the dolphin was in distress because it was not being fed.

They suggest that the calf might have been exposed to environmental toxins such as pesticides.

What is dolphin learning?

Researchers have long known that dolphins learn from their environment, but it has never been clear how they learn to perform tasks.

Researchers believe that dolphins have a complex way of learning.

“They can learn things from their mothers,” said Smith.

“So when we get a calf in the water and we’re trying to feed it, we’re going to feed that calf, because they can’t learn from that mother.”

In the early days of research into dolphin learning, Smith and the others were looking at the behavior of the whale killer whale.

The researchers wanted to understand how the animals could adapt to living on a polluted sea.

“We saw this amazing whale in the sea,” Smith said.

“It was very difficult for us to understand the mother’s reaction to the calf. “

It wasn’t like we were trying to make her understand something. “

It was very difficult for us to understand the mother’s reaction to the calf.

It wasn’t like we were trying to make her understand something.

She didn’t understand it.”

The team eventually discovered that the whale was learning to swim by learning how to swim against the wind.

“One of the first things that the mother was doing was trying to get the calf to stay under her,” Smith explained.

She was looking for him, but the calf was so far away, she couldn’t see him.” “

She was looking at her son.

She was looking for him, but the calf was so far away, she couldn’t see him.”

After learning how the whale learned, Smith decided to take the whale home with him.

When they returned, the calf had grown into a full-grown adult, and Smith said he had been astonished at how much it had learned.

“I was like, ‘Wow, the mother just got her calf out of there, and she just didn’t have to teach it anything,'” he said.

While dolphins have been studying dolphins for decades, this was a first.

The animal has been found in the wild in Japan and the Philippines.

The research team believes that their findings could help scientists understand the complex ways that dolphins are learning.

The study is still in its early stages, but Smith hopes to get some results from a field trial in the next few years.

The team says that if their findings hold up, then they could be able to learn more about dolphin learning.

This article was originally published by The Independent and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

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