How to earn a marine science degree

In December, a student named Aamir Hussain decided to take the ocean sciences major after a week of being discouraged from pursuing his master’s degree.

He enrolled at Rutgers University in the fall of 2015 and was the first student to take up the program.

It wasn’t until he started taking the courses that he realized he was getting the most bang for his buck, and he says he would have been better off taking a non-engineering course.

But even though he has a masters in oceanography and a doctorate in ocean sciences, the university is still awarding him a PhD in marine science.

“I am very happy that I got that PhD and am doing what I want to do in the future,” said Hussain, a junior majoring in marine engineering.

Aamim Hussain is the first person to be awarded a marine sciences PhD in a major in the United States.

His research is focused on understanding the ocean and oceanic environments, especially those with the lowest oxygen content.

He also studies how to preserve and recover coral reefs and how to reduce marine pollution and pollution runoff.

He said he hopes to one day start a nonprofit to study ocean health.

“If you look at it from a climate perspective, the oceans have the most impact on the climate and the environment because of the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere,” he said.

In a recent interview, Hussain said that his goal is to study how coral reefs, which absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, can sustain themselves.

“It is important to get a marine environment in place to keep it healthy, and to do that, you need to understand how CO2 can impact coral reefs,” he added.

The research that he does focuses on understanding how CO 2 affects coral reefs by studying coral bleaching and how this affects coral growth.

“We are studying how the carbon dioxide impacts the coral and how it affects the organisms,” he explained.

The ocean’s corals are important because they are important to the ocean’s food chain and their habitat.

And they are an important source of oxygen, which can help them survive in the ocean.

The coral reefs also provide a vital ecosystem service.

They filter out the nutrients from seawater that would otherwise be washed ashore, helping to replenish the ocean water.

The corals’ carbon-rich skeletons help them to keep their skeletons intact and make them resilient to the extreme cold.

As the corals lose their skeletons, the coral reefs can also begin to deteriorate and die.

“The coral reefs are important as a food source for the marine animals,” said Amir Hussain.

“They are also important for the ocean because they have carbon-enriched skeletons that can be recycled into new corals and other organisms.”

He added that he hopes his research will be used to inform conservation efforts.

“What we need to do is understand how coral is doing so that we can take the coralline algae into the ocean, and then use that to help with conservation,” he stressed.

A marine scientist in his 20s, Hussain has been studying coral reefs since he was a teenager.

In 2015, he was inspired by the study of a group of coral skeletons that had been found in the Bahamas and studied by scientists there.

In 2017, he joined a research team that used the skeletons to study coral reefs in the western Indian Ocean.

While he has never been to the Bahamas before, he knows that the coral skeletons are important.

“You can find corals that are dead in the water in the Caribbean and the Caribbean is rich in coral,” he told The Times.

He added, “If we can find coral skeletons in the Gulf of Mexico and the Indian Ocean, that is what we need.

We need to be looking at these reefs.”

He hopes to study the impact of climate change on coral reefs.

In an email interview, Hassan said that the research he does involves working with scientists to better understand how corals adapt to changing ocean conditions.

“When you are looking at corals, you are seeing a picture of a whole ecosystem, from which you are trying to learn how they survive and thrive in a changing climate,” he noted.

“One of the things we are looking into is the coral’s ability to withstand the extreme weather conditions that we have seen in the past.”

The research he is doing is focused primarily on understanding coral reefs’ carbon dioxide uptake, which has been the subject of much debate.

Coral reefs absorb carbon dioxide when the coral is in its deepest phase of decomposition.

It takes about 15 years for the coral to decompose, and the carbon in the algae decomposes quickly.

The carbon is then released into the water column, which is where it decomposes.

A recent study conducted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that in 2015, about 75 percent of the carbon that was in the oceans was released into deep ocean water, including the Caribbean, Atlantic, and Pacific oceans.

The scientists said

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