How to save your boat and your life: What you need to know

You can save your life if you’re swimming in the ocean and you don’t know what to do.

That’s the warning from the World Health Organization.

The warning is from a study that has been published in the scientific journal Marine Biology.

It says that the more you can dive in the deep ocean, the less risk you’re taking of hypothermia, which could be fatal.

You can’t swim underwater, so if you want to save yourself from hypothermic hypothermics, you need the proper gear, which is the most important thing to know, said Mark Williams, an associate professor at UC San Diego.

This is the first time that the WHO has published an assessment of the risk of hypothyroidism, which can lead to hypothermy, Williams said.

It was first published in 2015, and the WHO had been using that as a reference point, Williams told Newsweek.

But the WHO now has a new assessment that’s based on newer information.

The new study looked at the risks of hyponatremia, or an inability to take in water, with divers and a person who’s been diving in the oceans for 30 years.

That person had been swimming in shallow water for 30 days before the study started.

It looked at whether diving in shallow waters, with a normal amount of oxygen, has an increased risk of drowning or death.

It found that divers who were diving in very shallow water had a 1.6 percent higher risk of death compared with those who were underwater for 30 minutes, while those who had been diving for more than 30 minutes had a 3.9 percent higher death risk, the WHO said.

This new study suggests that divers in shallow oceans should keep an eye out for hypothermal hypotherms, and that they should wear a mask when diving.

The WHO also said that divers should be able to dive in calm waters, and not dive into the sea if there are a lot of hypoxic activity.

They should also use helmets to protect their eyes and ears.

They shouldn’t dive in shallow and warm water, where there’s less oxygen, the study said.

The findings were published online this week in the International Journal of Emergency Medicine.

The World Health Organisation said in a statement that it is aware of the WHO study and is looking into its results.

This study was not designed to assess the risk factors for hypothyrosclerosis, but rather to provide an estimate of the relative risk of diving in warm, shallow, and warm waters.

There is no scientific evidence that diving in cool waters increases the risk for hypoechoic hypotherpathy, said Williams.

“The WHO is recommending divers take precautions, and they should consider wearing a helmet when diving, and don’t dive into shallow and cold water,” Williams said, referring to shallow waters.

“That means you should avoid deep water and if you are in shallow, warm waters, don’t be in shallow or cold water.”

Williams said the WHO was following a guideline for diving guidelines issued by the International Association of Divers, and he said the organization was taking the new study seriously.

“I’m sure that they will be monitoring the results,” he said.

He said that the World Economic Forum has called for a ban on all diving in saltwater and tropical waters, which include deep-water and deep-sea areas, in light of the new research.

“Divers need to be aware that this study is very preliminary and there is a lot more to learn,” he added.

“If you are diving in deep water, and it’s very cold, it may be safer to be in deep- or shallow-water areas.”

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