The ReuManga Ocean Exploration Initiative will expand into the Pacific Ocean

Marine scientists are celebrating the first wave of marine exploration into the vast Pacific Ocean, with the reumanga Ocean exploration initiative (OII) set to expand its scope to the Pacific.

The reuMangas, a partnership between marine scientists and fishermen, will be the first group of nations to explore and harvest the vast, shallow ocean.

The initiative is set to launch a new phase of the OII, with a target of collecting 30 tons of fish annually, compared to 20 tons this time last year.

“We will have to build our own ships, we will have our own fishing nets, and we will need our own vessels, so we are aiming for a total harvest of 30 tons per year,” said Jens Koechlin, an oceanographer with the Norwegian National Maritime Institute (NMI).

The reukangas will also develop technology to help fishermen navigate through the treacherous ocean and exploit the region’s rich resources.

The group is aiming to have its first ship and an operating rig up and running by the end of 2019.

“I think this project is really a way to try and understand the ocean and how we interact with it and share our knowledge,” said Koeochlin.

“We’re trying to build something that can help us learn about this world and to help us understand the whole ocean.”

The reuzmangas project is set up by a Norwegian group of scientists and fisherman, the ReuMen (Rüms) and will aim to gather up to 30 tons in a year.

The Reukanga are Norwegian fishermen and fishers from all over the world, and the project aims to make it easier for them to work together in a new way.

The reukans plan to build and operate a small vessel, with two fishermen and two guides onboard, to gather their catch.

The team has so far set up two boats, the “ReuMen” and the “Rukans”, which are intended to catch between two and six tons of catch.

The catch will be transported to a research vessel in the Atlantic Ocean.

Koechlins team will also focus on developing new fishing gear, including nets, gear bags, and specialized equipment for catching sharks, which they hope will help them tackle the shark menace in the region.

“The reus are very dedicated and very committed,” said Rønn Jorgensen, the head of the reus boat.

“They are very focused on what they are doing.

We are hoping that in the next two to three years we can develop our fishing gear more effectively.

They are very serious about this project.”

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