Why do some marine biologists think we’re doing too much to understand the ocean?

Marine biologists and scientists say we should focus more on the effects of climate change on the ocean.

In a recent interview, marine biologist Jeff Smith and oceanographer Andrew Wilson said that the impacts of climate are real and that we should take a hard look at what we are doing.

But they also said we should not abandon science altogether, arguing that we are already in a critical phase of understanding the ocean, particularly on the scale of marine biology.

In fact, they both said that we need to take a long-term view of our oceans.

And in a recent op-ed in Science magazine, Smith and Wilson also say we need a “new approach” to oceanography and research.

“We are in the middle of a great paradigm shift in our understanding of the oceans and we need new approaches to ocean science, to marine ecology, to biology, to policy, and to the public.

We need to reorient our thinking from one of science to one of public engagement and communication.

And we need better access to the ocean to understand and act on it.”

Smith and Taylor said we need more research into ocean ecosystems.

“Our understanding of how ecosystems function and how they interact has to improve,” they wrote.

“But in the midst of this, we also need to develop new, more powerful tools that can capture the whole picture of the ocean and its inhabitants.”

Smith said that as a scientist, his primary goal is to make the oceans more open to scientists and the public to understand how the oceans work.

“My primary goal as a researcher is to help improve our understanding,” he said.

“That’s what I’m trying to do here at the University of New South Wales.

And I think that’s really important, because it’s really hard to do that when you’re studying one organism.”

Smith told The Hill that he believes the climate change debate has shifted too far in the direction of politics, but he said that climate change research needs to be more collaborative and not just about a few people.

“Climate change is a complex and complex problem, and it’s not something that just happened, it’s a complex process that’s happening,” Smith said.

But the authors of the Science magazine article, Wilson and Smith, said that there are many scientists who support the idea of the need for a new approach to ocean research.

For example, in an op-eds piece published in The Conversation, former U.S. secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, a marine scientist, and James Hansen, a former NASA scientist, wrote that the ocean should be a key component of ocean research because of the threat of sea level rise.

“The oceans play a vital role in the global climate system,” they write.

“It’s no accident that a growing body of evidence suggests that the oceans are warming faster than previously thought.

This rapid warming is threatening not only the ocean but also the life that lives in it.”

Salazar and Hansen are both climate change skeptics who are now working on the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report.

“I’m sure that there will be those who will say, ‘Well, maybe the oceans aren’t warming because the ice is melting, but the oceans have been warming for centuries,'” Salazar said.

Smith said scientists who have studied the oceans will be surprised by the magnitude of the climate impacts we face.

“In fact, it might surprise us that we’re already in the critical phase,” he told The House.

“There is a real opportunity to move toward a new paradigm, to a new way of thinking about climate change.

That is where I think the new climate science comes in.”

But the paper also pointed out that there is a growing awareness of the role of the environment in the oceans.

“This is a critical time for ocean science,” the authors write.

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