Can a comic save the sea?

Can a cartoon save the ocean?

Photo: AAP A comic book called Sea Monsters: Adventures in Monsters of the Deep is the subject of an international competition to find a way to make it into the Australian public domain.

Its creator, a former marine biologist, told Fairfax Media that he was inspired by the movie of the same name and his research into how deep sea life operates.

He and his team are trying to find the right medium to use for the comic, and are using a crowdfunding campaign to fund the process.

The book will be a short comic based on the real-life story of a young marine biologist who becomes a part of a team of scientists tasked with diving into deep-sea waters to rescue stranded marine life.

He is the main character of the book.

The idea for the book came to Mr D’Aloisio after he had a chance meeting with Dr Robert Maclachlan, a marine biologist and professor at the University of Queensland, in 2011.

Dr Maclaclan had been researching the marine environment in Queensland waters for more than 30 years and had published research into the behaviour and physiology of animals, including fish.

“I knew immediately that he had this huge interest in marine life, and was the only one of us on the team that understood marine biology as well as the ocean,” he said.

Dr Maclacon’s book was about the history of the deep ocean, and he wanted to use it as a jumping-off point for a comic book, he said, because he wanted the comic to be a kind of storybook for young children.

Mr D’Aroisio has a strong passion for marine science and is keen to take the opportunity to engage with young people in the field.

He was inspired to start a crowdfunding page on the crowdfunding platform Patreon in November last year and raised $3,000 in 24 hours.

The book is being published in Australia by the Australian Institute of Marine Science, which also supports the research of Dr MacLaclan and other marine biologists, and the Queensland University of Technology, which supports research in oceanography.

A panel of marine scientists and a young audience were invited to review the book on Saturday, before it was submitted to the Australian Copyright Council for consideration.

But Mr D ‘Aloisios said the project was not going to be published in English, because that is what the book is about.

In the past, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has taken on the responsibility of keeping track of the copyright status of books and magazines in the country.

It is a tricky business because the books are copyright and the magazines are not.

So they have to decide whether to publish them or not,” he told the ABC.

While the title might seem like a bit of a stretch, the story will be told in an entirely different way.

D’Alaisio has been inspired by a movie called Sea Monkeys, and that inspired him to start working on a comic.

He hopes that the comic will give a fun storybook feel to the sea, rather than being an academic research paper.

One of the main characters in the book, a young scientist named Pauline, is in fact a sea lion, which is a marine mammal that lives in the deep sea.

This would have been a challenge to translate to a comic, because the story would have needed to be completely different, Mr D Aloisios explained.

As a scientist, it’s very important to understand the marine life in the ocean.

I’m not really good at making comic books.

The only comic I’ve done is the sea monster comic, but it was really fun to make, so I’m doing this now.

Another character, Dr Pauline is a scientist at the Queensland Institute of Technology.

She is a naturalist, but her research has taken her to the depths of the ocean to see how deep marine life is, Dr Maclain said.

Dr Maclain, who was working with Dr Maclosan on an underwater research project in the Great Barrier Reef, said Dr D’Raisio’s book would have also been challenging to translate into a comic format, because she had to write it in the same language.

I think it’s a really good idea, and I think it will be interesting for young people, who are reading it, to come up with their own ideas about how to make a comic out of this, he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

But what I think is important is we are not just looking at one marine species or one ocean,” she said.

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