How to get started in the marine sciences: Lessons from the sea life study

A study conducted by researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy and the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that the water that people drink at home is far more contaminated with bacteria than what we see in the oceans.

The study, published Thursday in Environmental Science and Technology, found that people who drink more than one gallon of water per day had far higher levels of bacterial contaminants than people who drank less than one liter of water.

“We find that the levels of contaminants in people’s drinking water are comparable to the levels in the water in a bay or lake,” said study lead author Jennifer Cottam, a UW-Madison graduate student in oceanography and fisheries.

The researchers found that even people who didn’t drink the highest levels of pollution in the world drank enough to exceed what is considered safe in the drinking water.

The study found that drinking up to seven liters of water a day was associated with the highest bacterial contamination.

“The levels of contamination in the community are equivalent to what we find in a river,” said Cottams co-author and UW-Milwaukee professor of marine science Michael P. Boesch.

“If we take into account that most people have no idea they’re consuming the contamination, the contamination levels are similar to what you would find in the ocean.”

Cottams study looked at data collected from people’s urine samples.

People who drank the highest amount of water and drank it regularly were more likely to be contaminated with a variety of bacteria.

The results are consistent with other studies, such as a study that found that about three out of five Americans drink too much water and are too sick to drink it.

While most people drink a small amount of tap water, the average American consumes more than 30 gallons a day.

“There’s a lot of water that we don’t even know we’re drinking,” said Boeszch.

Cottam said the study shows that people are drinking more water than is safe.

“It’s not about drinking too much.

It’s about not drinking enough,” she said.

Boesch said the findings are important for scientists, as the water we drink is the lifeblood of our oceans.

“This is really a big question mark for the entire world,” said Dr. Michael P Boescht, an oceanographer at the University Of Wisconsin-Milken Watershed Center and the co-leader of the UW-Bearshead study.

“I’m really concerned that this will be a problem for fisheries and ecosystems as well.”

The study found about 1,200 bacteria, including many types of bacteria, were found in the urine of people who regularly drank more than the EPA recommended drinking.

It also found that more than 80 percent of people tested had a concentration of a bacteria called Clostridium difficile that is found in sewage.

That bacteria is also linked to a variety, and can lead to respiratory illness.

In other words, people who were drinking a lot and drinking it frequently are more likely than the average person to be colonized with the bacteria that cause diarrhea.

Boech said that the findings raise the question of what to do with all of that wastewater that comes from people drinking it.

“What we need to do is use it as a fertilizer for agriculture and to treat sewage and other water sources,” he said.

“We could even do some research on how we can use it to reduce our emissions of CO2.”

The results of the study have been published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

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