What we know about the impact of the BP oil spill on marine life and the planet

The Gulf of Mexico is home to an estimated 500,000 species of marine life, including over 200,000 to 350,000 endangered species.

The majority of these animals are found in the ocean bottom, with the vast majority found on land.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and other protected areas also play a significant role in protecting the animals and the ecosystems that support them.

And, of course, the Deepwater Horizon spill has changed the lives of hundreds of millions of people, many of whom have lost their jobs, their homes and their livelihoods, and are now living in fear that their health could be compromised.

As the number of animals impacted by the spill continues to grow, some scientists are asking whether the spill has had a negative impact on the Gulf’s marine life.

Some of the impacts of the spill are being studied and are being assessed for the first time in decades.

Here’s what we know.

What is the Great Barrier Coast Marine Park?

The Great Barrier Marine Park (GBRM) is a marine sanctuary located off Queensland’s coast.

It’s a vast, protected marine area that includes an area of the Great Ocean Highway that separates it from the mainland.

The GBRM is a federally protected area that covers some 1.3 million square kilometres, and encompasses about 2,000 kilometres of coastline.

The area was established in 1974, when the Great Australian Bight was first declared as a protected area.

It includes the Great South Sea, the Great North Sea, and the Northern Territory.

It also includes a protected zone along the South-East Queensland coast.

It is a protected marine park, and therefore does not allow commercial fishing or use of recreational facilities, including fishing nets, trawlers, boating, or motorboats.

It is also not an area where marine life can be endangered or threatened by human activities, such as oil spills, ship strikes or fires.

The Great South Coast is home and has been for over two million years.

In fact, the oldest known fossils on the Great Southern coast are found at the site of what is now known as the Great Blue Hole.

The region’s coastline was first discovered by the ancient Greeks, who named it after a large volcanic eruption that occurred in the area.

In the 15th century, an Englishman named Richard Pym discovered a large limestone formation in the sandstone that contained large deposits of the calcium carbonate mineral.

He named it the Great Sandstone and named the site in honour of his wife, Lady Elizabeth Sandstone.

In 1851, the first man was discovered to have died in the Great Bight.

He was named Captain Robert Cook, after a British ship captain who was a key witness in the sinking of the HMS Bounty in 1803.

In 1956, the site was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The area has since become a World War II Memorial, with memorials and exhibits to mark the 50 years of the war.

In 2005, the area was designated as a National Marine Sanctuary.

The landmass of the GBRMs coastal waters was first designated as the Australian Marine Park in 1967.

The marine park has an area approximately 2,300 square kilometres.

In 2007, the GBMM was named as a World Marine Park under the Convention on Biological Diversity.

The designation allows for fishing and other recreational activities, as well as protection of marine mammals and other species.

The impact of oil spillsOn the night of June 28, 2010, the massive oil spill off the coast of South Australia was triggered by a rupture in the wellhead of a giant, offshore pipeline that transports oil from the Gulf of Thailand.

It was the largest oil spill in Australia’s history.

The well was operated by Enbridge and had been leaking oil since 2003.

The spill killed over 100 people and injured more than 1,400 others.

The spill is still one of the worst natural disasters in Australia history, with an estimated $1.6 billion in damages, and many of the people who died were buried under a thick layer of soil contaminated with oil.

At the time of the incident, the spill was in its final stages of operation.

The oil was pumped from the pipe, transported through a pipeline to a storage facility, and then transported to an offshore platform where it was capped.

The oil then flowed down the pipeline to the GFRM.

It then proceeded to a platform on the GFSM that is located just south of the southern coast of the Gulf, at the mouth of the Red Sea.

This platform is known as a ‘staging’ platform because it is a temporary storage area.

The platform has an open area on one side, and is lined with concrete pipes.

The pipeline itself has been repaired and is now functioning.

The damage to the environmentThe spill has affected the environment in numerous ways.

The environment has been damaged, especially in the Gulf.

The Gulf is home of a variety of marine animals, including dolphins, whales, seals, sea turtles and the endangered

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