How to build a ‘fish tank’ at sea

The new marine science jobs are a new start for some scientists, and they could be the start of a new era for Australian fisheries.

As more people look to science and research to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges, the number of marine science positions has fallen by more than a third since 2010.

A lack of skilled workers is also one of the major reasons, according to the Australian National University’s David Fagan.

“There is no shortage of people that are qualified to do the work,” Mr Fagan told The Age.

“It’s not a shortage of science.

We need more than what we have.”

While the job market is starting to soften, there are still plenty of opportunities for science and engineering graduates.

In Australia, more than 200 of the country’s top-ranked engineering colleges and universities offer PhDs in marine science.

And while a majority of people seeking a PhD are women, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a shortage.

A new Australian institute has found there are more women than men applying to study marine science in the country.

Professor Fagan says there is a huge demand for scientists in the industry.

“I think that is because there are people looking for a career that they might not necessarily be able to find elsewhere,” he said.

“In some cases, it might be in a remote part of the Pacific or some other place that doesn, in fact, have a strong ocean environment, so the job is more challenging than in Australia.”

Some of the most skilled and experienced marine scientists are in remote areas and the industry is growing rapidly.

But for some, the prospect of working in the ocean is just not realistic.

“We have some of these people in remote locations, who might be doing jobs that they aren’t necessarily qualified for,” Professor Fagan said.

The Australian National Marine Science Institute is an organisation set up to provide a forum for the Australian Government to engage with the industry and encourage marine scientists to apply.

Professor Paul Laughlin is the institute’s Director of Science.

He says the key is educating people about the profession.

“The most important thing that I do for these people is to teach them that the role of a marine scientist is not just to get a job out of the water, it’s actually to contribute to our environment,” Professor Laughlin said.


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