Marine scientists can teach their fish to identify the sea cucumbers

Marine scientists, who study the life cycle of marine animals, can now teach their fishes to identify them by their colour and markings.

According to The Guardian, a pair of researchers from the University of Portsmouth in the UK and the University at Oxford in the US developed a system that allows them to identify sea cucumber colour by using a combination of colour-matching and colour recognition techniques.

In an experiment, the researchers trained their fish on a colour screen.

The fish were then asked to identify a sea cucuna by its distinctive colour pattern.

This was done by a combination: a red-orange colour pattern on the surface, and a white stripe on the tail fin.

The researchers also showed the fish the fish had been caught by a predator such as a manta ray, which they were able to track.

After the fish was successfully identified, the fish were given a colour-tag to use as an indication of the species.

The findings were published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The system is similar to one that researchers have been using for years to identify species of fish from satellite images.

These tags are used to determine which fish species are in a particular area.

But this is the first time that researchers are able to determine whether the fish is an Australian sea cucum, or a British sea cucureus.

It is not clear whether the Australian sea cucum species is native to the region.

The sea cucus, which is not native to Australia, is native only to the United Kingdom.

But the findings suggest the Australian species is different from the UK species.

“This is the biggest step forward in marine science,” Professor Matthew Williams, from the Department of Marine Science at the University, told The Guardian.

“It’s the first system that is able to identify Australian sea species.

It’s important for all marine science to be accurate, and this shows it’s possible to do this.”

The team hopes to make the system more widespread, and also to use the technique to identify fish in other parts of the world.

It will be difficult to make a reliable identification of a sea urchin from the images it sees.

However, Professor Williams said it is important to be able to differentiate between different species.

While the fish appear to be more familiar with the British sea cuccum, they do not necessarily know that the fish are from the same area, he said.

“That is a key area for marine science.

We’re looking at how to get this technology onto the commercial fishing fleet, to help them determine where they can catch the fish,” he said, adding that the UK has already implemented a similar system.

The team is also planning to develop their system in the future to help researchers identify fish species from images of the sea.

“We think we have a great system in our labs and it’s been really good for teaching, so we want to make it better,” he added.

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