How to keep the world safe after the ‘snowball’ of a tsunami

Now Playing: ‘I’m going to die in the ocean’: The world is not safe yet after the deadly ‘sink’ of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunamiNow Playing: How the world got back on its feet after a deadly tsunami Now Playing!

Trump says he’s ‘fine’ with nuclear weaponsNow Playing!

‘The U.S. must never again allow a foreign power to use nuclear weapons’Now Playing, ‘Tornado victim in coma after falling through ceiling of apartment building’Now Play: The world was saved after the Great West Japan EarthquakeNow Playing:’My son died after falling into a subway tunnel’Now What: Hurricane Harvey devastates TexasNow Playing’Kavanaugh is a survivor’: Kavanaugh, accuser speak out on sexual misconductNow Playing ‘We are here for each other’: Trump discusses Harvey responseNow Playing’: Hurricane Harvey wreaks havoc in the Texas coastNow Playing,’Tornados were not so bad’: Trump says they are not so dangerousNow Playing’, ‘Tears of a mother’: Kavanaugh speaks to CNNNow Playing,”It was a very difficult day for the family’: Christine Blasey Ford explains what she’s dealing with nowNow Playing’,’Tear gas, gas, tear gas’: ‘My son’s life has been saved’Now The Latest: ‘My wife died when she was hit by a truck’: The devastating aftermath of the Hurricane Harvey stormNow Playing”I am so happy to be here to support my country in the fight to save lives.

My first priority is my family.

My heart goes out to them all,” Trump said at the White House.

He added, “This is a terrible time for our country.”

He said he was happy to see that Americans had rallied around the president and his agenda.

He said Americans had responded to the tragedy and the news coverage, and he felt “the country is on the right track.””

This is one of the greatest stories in our country’s history.

And we are going to make America great again,” he said.

He also praised the military.”

This country is one that has been so much stronger than it was a few days ago.

I’m glad to see this nation so unified.

I love our soldiers.

I think our troops are doing a great job.

I am really proud of the way we are handling it,” he added.

Trump said the United States will continue to fight against ISIS, even if he was not able to win the election, but added, he wants to focus on other issues.

The president also said the U.K. will have a vote on whether to leave the European Union on Thursday.”

I have not made any final decisions about my future plans, but we will have the opportunity to have that vote on Thursday,” Trump told reporters.

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