Which coastal marine species are the most threatened?

In the coastal marine science field, there are many oceanic creatures, from small fish to big ones.

The threat is so great that a new National Marine Fisheries Service survey found that more than half of the species surveyed were threatened with extinction.

It also found that coastal areas have more species than ever before, including about 50 new species added each year.

For many of the creatures, there is a great deal of uncertainty about how many there are and how much damage they could cause.

Here are the 10 species with the most at risk.

A large, long-finned fish, called the white shark, which can grow up to 6 feet (1.4 meters) long, lives along the coast.

It is the second-largest shark species after the Atlantic cod, which measures about 14 feet (3.1 meters).

But white sharks have also been spotted on other parts of the United States, including parts of Texas and Florida.

Scientists have identified several species of white sharks that are considered critically endangered.

Another shark species, the hammerhead, is considered endangered.

Scientists are not sure why the hammerheads are in the area.

Another species, a bony fish, is also a threat to some populations of white and yellowfin tuna.

The Pacific salmon, a long-lived species of fish that can live to more than 50 years, is endangered.

There are also several types of small, bony fishes called carp.

Some species of carp have a high mortality rate, and they are considered threatened because of their high density and ability to survive in the environment.

Other species of fishes are thought to be less threatened.

Some fish, like swordfish, are considered endangered because of the high concentration of toxins found in their stomachs.

Fish also are not always protected.

For example, in the Florida Keys, which lies along the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic salmon population is not endangered.

But many fish species are listed as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

The most threatened species are those that can’t swim and are known to bite, such as rays, snails, molluscs, and other animals.

Scientists say the most severe threats are to fish, invertebrates, and plants, which are more vulnerable to disease.

Other threats include the spread of diseases that can kill other species, and the spread and spread of invasive species.

Fish and invertebrate species are also threatened because the food chains that support them are being altered.

For instance, the species that can eat many different kinds of fish, such in the deep waters of the Gulf, are threatened because many fish in the Gulf can’t eat the species they prefer.

The coastal fish survey found a variety of threats, including the expansion of invasive marine plants, including clams and mussels, and pollution, such from heavy oil drilling.

Many of the threatened species have also become more common along the Atlantic coast, and are found along the coasts of the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia.

Some areas of the country have seen more invasive species, such those found in coastal Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and parts of Virginia and Georgia.

The threatened species can be found on land as well, as in coastal areas of California, Florida and New York.

There have also also been reports of invasive aquatic species such as jellyfish, which live in shallow waters of rivers and lakes.

For more coastal science news, see NOAA’s Threatened Coastal Marine Species page.

A species of salamander, the sea slug, is threatened by invasive plants, such a a cotton plant, in New York, which is part of the U.S. Atlantic coast.

Some of the threats are less severe, such the spread or spread of toxic chemicals, which may harm marine life and cause harm to humans.

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