‘Oceanographer’s dream’: NOAA marine scientist’s dream of setting record for highest temperature ever

TYbee Marine Science scientist Matthew Bearden, who is a member of NOAA’s Office of Polar Programs, said he’s been dreaming of setting a record for the world’s hottest temperature ever for more than a year now.“We’ve always dreamed of breaking the world record for temperatures, and now that we have it, we’re just waiting to

When will the CricInfo marine science Technician start?

Posted by ESPN Crikey on Sunday, November 26, 2020 08:17:48In the first of three articles from the first half of 2020, ESPN Criely will be reporting on marine science from the Crielys headquarters in Melbourne.The Crielies have been on the world stage for decades.Since the 1960s, they have been the official sports team of the

The B.C. government should allow for a marine veterinary science course

B. C. government has released a policy on marine veterinary medical care that appears to be the first in the country.The policy, which was released on Friday, calls for the government to ensure that “a marine veterinary school is a recognized academic institution in BC that has an accredited and registered veterinary residency program.”It also

How to rank Marine Science Rankings on Amazon’s Eckerd Book Rankings

Eckerde is a science book publisher that has been publishing high quality books for decades.But in the last decade, Eckerda has been hit with an unprecedented wave of criticism, including a lawsuit against the publisher, by several researchers, who say Eckerds rankings are biased, and that the books are biased in favor of certain scientists.The

How to Get a ‘Ocean’s Best’ Certification from the U.S. Marine Science Association

The U.A.F.S., the largest marine science association in the world, has launched a new program aimed at helping marine biologists obtain the “Ocean’s Most Popular” certification.The program, called the Marine Social Science Certificate, aims to help scientists get more international recognition for their work.“We have a great number of applicants from around the world and

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