Professor Joseph J. Valencic

Marine Sciences and Technology


The purpose of this site is to provide an overview and forum for various marine related projects that I have been involved with over the past several years. The focus will be on the most recent and projects dealing directly with the marine environment and advanced underwater monitoring technologies that I have developed.




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  The WorldAn engineering marvel of iconic proportion is nearing

 completion in Dubai UAE.  By invitation from National Geographic Television,

 I dive with other scientists to document the environmental conditions and marine

 life that are  making the $230 million natural rocky breakwater their new home.



Professor Joe ValencicResume and background with emphasis on Marine

 Education, Underwater Environmental Monitoring, and Advanced Technology.




Artificial Reefs – An overview and independent perspective on the value of artificial reefs

as an enhancement to marine populations. Artificial reefs or rocky breakwaters constructed

of natural materials, such as the Palm and World, are excellent for enhancing marine ecosystems.

The increased interest in artificial habitats is shared by diversity of interested parties from

developers to conservationists. 



Advanced Marine TechnologiesAn overview of technologies that I have

developed to enhance the ability to monitor and document marine environments

around the globe. This includes a unique MORV, Miniature Oceanographic

Research Vessel, used by NOAA for both research h and education.



BioRock Accretion TechnologyBiorock technology is a process of electro-deposition

of seawater minerals or mineral accretion. In general, this technology uses electricity to “grow”

limestone rock on artificial steel reef frames.  It has also been shown to increase the growth

rates of corals and other reef organisms. Working with Professor Wolf H. Hilbertz, co-founder

of Biorock Inc., an experimental station was established at Palm Jumeirah.



Palm Jumeirah Marine MonitoringIn November 2001 work began on the creation of the

naturally rocky breakwater that would provide protection for the building of an island the shape

of a palm tree – a design that would create an incredible 78 kilometers of coastline and the largest

artificial reef on the planet. Our research team documents baseline conditions and the rapid

                                succession of occupying marine organisms and fish.


Palm Jebel Ali Marine Monitoring –Unlike Palm Jumeirah , Palm Jebel Ali construction site

includes that of a live coral reef .   SCUBA research dives have been made on this reef to document

the reef environment including coral species and fish populations.  The Jebel Ali  reef area has been

under study for many years by the Dubai Marine Department. 


Mind of the Demon – This television documentary investigates the behavior of great white

Sharks as they encounter their mechanical, free swimming cousin that incidentally doubles as

a stainless steel shark cage. I work with Fabian Cousteau, grandson of ocean pioneer Jacques

 Cousteau, to view these creatures first hand underwater.



Marine Monitoring at Crystal Cove, Ca. – Located in south Orange County California,

Crystal Cove is considered to be the state’s premier underwater park. As chief scientist,

I developed the methodology and technology to do comprehensive marine surveys on this 1200

acre underwater paradise. One hundred meter-long underwater transects, fish surveys and

tide pool quadrant studies help establish a solid baseline prior to park development.



Long-Neck Karen Tribe – In March, 2006 I had the unique opportunity to travel to the

Golden Triangle defined by the borders of Burma, Laos and Thailand and home to a unique

culture of hill tribe people known as the Padaung, well known as the people with long necks

or the giraffe-necked women, sometimes referred to as the Long Neck Karen.



Sands of Time Expedition – Sands of Time is a journey of visual contrasts: deserts, mountains, ancient cultures, and modern metropolises. Le Levant sails from Oman's dazzling capital, Muscat, to the Musandam Peninsula. As one of the onboard naturalists, join me to explore this most unique region of the world and the iconic country of Dubai.



Conceptual Nakheel Floating Marine Laboratory

Brainstorming with my friend and world-class designer Norm Sherman, we have conceptually developed the ultimate in marine floating laboratories. This sophisticated vessel would serve as the operations and information center for the Palms and The World projects.