How to get your head around the sea: What the science says

The science of ocean life is fascinating.From the tiny bacteria that live in the bowels of a fish to the sea turtles and dolphins that live near the ocean’s surface, it’s all part of the larger picture.But it’s also a bit of a mystery.Scientists have long been interested in the deep ocean, but they’ve been

‘The only thing I can tell you is that I am not happy’: An expert on marine life warns of ‘slow-motion extinction’

An expert from the University of Queensland says he is “shocked” by the lack of information about the impact of climate change on marine organisms.Dr John Durnell from the Queensland Institute of Marine Sciences said he had been asked “for the first time” by a Queensland Government department “if there was any evidence of an

‘Oceanographer’s dream’: NOAA marine scientist’s dream of setting record for highest temperature ever

TYbee Marine Science scientist Matthew Bearden, who is a member of NOAA’s Office of Polar Programs, said he’s been dreaming of setting a record for the world’s hottest temperature ever for more than a year now.“We’ve always dreamed of breaking the world record for temperatures, and now that we have it, we’re just waiting to

Aquarius Marine Science: Aquarius’ Flvs and Aquarius Aquariums Are ‘Unreliable’

Aquarius has a reputation as a top aquarium producer, but it’s not always that way.That reputation has changed recently, as Aquarius acquired a bunch of new, high-end, expensive flvs from FlvTech.But this is a different Aquarius, with a different vision.Read more about Aquarius.Read or Share this story:

How to teach the Marine Science curriculum at Northeastern University

The new marine science degree program at Northenet University aims to bring science to life and help students discover the joys and challenges of living and working in the ocean.It’s called the Marine Sciences Curriculum and it’s the culmination of an eight-year process that began with the introduction of a new curriculum to Northeastern students

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